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Why do some videos on Socialcam appear to be embedded YouTube videos?

I’m looking for an answer to this question that I posed on Quora:

Why do some videos on Socialcam appear to be embedded YouTube videos?

Were these videos taken with the Socialcam iPhone App? How does a user add a YouTube video to Socialcam? Here is an example of what I am talking about: - If you click on the user’s name who uploaded it, you will not see it in his list of uploaded videos.

Socialcam is getting most of their growth from automatically defaulting users’ settings to display all their actions in their Facebook newsfeed (whether they watched a video, liked a video, or commented on a video). I’ve noticed that most of these videos weren’t uploaded using the Socialcam mobile app, however. Most of them are YouTube videos that are embedded on the Socialcam site. I haven’t been able to figure out how to add these myself, so I am wondering if Socialcam is just importing a bunch of YouTube videos and giving them more sensational titles to drive growth. Which would seem shady. Socialcam also has a habit of turning “Social On” even after I’ve turned it off repeatedly. (Update 5/14/12: GigaOm’s Om Malik explains that he experiences the same problem with social sharing automatically getting turned back on. Shady.)

Update 5/9/2012: I have reached out to Socialcam’s community manager, @TheRoxie on Twitter. This convo is here. So far no definitive answer although she is responding. Here is what she has told me so far:

I have emailed per Roxie’s suggestion. I have yet to hear back yet.

Update 5/10/2012: TheNextWeb just did a story on these Socialcam’s viral tactics and they link to my Quora question as well.

Update 5/14/2012: The description given when the app posts to people’s newsfeed now no longer says “Video taken recorded with Socialcam.” Now it says “Video popular on YouTube.” They also now make it more clear that it is a YouTube video by putting a “Powered by YouTube” icon above the videos. Socialcam still has a nasty habit of turning my auto social sharing back to “ON” even after I’ve turned it off multiple times. See screenshots below.

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The State of Venture Capital and the Internet

Mark Suster’s keynote presentation at the VCJ Venture Alpha conference on the state of venture capital and the Internet.  It’s an interesting presentation on the direction of VC and the Internet heading towards bring together television and the web.

Who named daddy long legs?

Google’s YouTube — itself a major repository of recorded music — claims that giving away music for free generates as much money for copyright holders as charging for it, with profound implications for freemium digital music services such as Spotify and the much-rumored Google music service. - The of Online Social Video Watching

Check out, the of watching videos online with other people. The set-up is basically the same as, but instead of somebody playing a song, they play a video. There already exist other services that allow you to do this, like Google Hangouts, but Chill makes it more fun and easier.

The service will search YouTube, Vimeo, and Hulu to find the video you are searching for.

Everything else is pretty similar to  If you have Facebook friends using Chill already, you can sign up.  Note: After a disagreement with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg about the service auto-posting a pro-Chill message to people’s accounts, they have limited the number of new signups currently allowed.

Internet Vices.

Internet Vices.

The Social Media Revolution 2011 - an awesome video.


(via 60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds [Infographic])