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Tumblr now allows Spotify integration.

More Tumblr Spammers

Recently I’ve started to notice more spammy Tumblr accounts reblogging and liking my posts, but not in the “redirect you to a porn site” way.  These new account thats are liking and reblogging are all laid out the same way: they have a big square Google Adsense ad at the top, a vertical skyscraper Google ad down the right side, and a big square Google ad at the bottom.

Anyone else noticing these? I have been blocking and reporting a few of these for spam per day for the last few days.

Tumblr Is A Pageview Machine, Now Bigger Than Wikipedia

If you are wondering why Tumblr just raised $85 million, all you have to do is look at its pageviews. The super-easy blogging platform saw its pageviews jump from about 2 billion a month to 13 billion since the beginning of the year. It recently passed 10 billion posts, and is adding 40 million more every day. According to Quantcast, which directly measures the site, Tumblr attracts 72 million visitors a month, more than half of those from outside the U.S.

But its pageviews are really outsized compared to its visitors. In fact, Tumblr now generates more pageviews per month than Wikipedia, with only a tenth as many visitors, according to comScore. Tumblr is designed in such a way that it generates a lot of internal traffic between members. Investor Bijan Sabet recently noted that “logged in users drive the vast majority of the usage & page views.”

Hello, could you tell me how you can embed twitter stati into your webpage? Also, do you have any suggestions for inexpensive/free software to backup a website. I've heard of pluginBuddy but haven't really looked much into it. Thanks! — Asked by wuagnews

My embedded Twitter status came included with my theme (Scaffold). There are a few different ways to backup your Tumblr. I’d Google it. Here is one tool:

Fake/Spammy Tumblr Accounts

Anyone else notice a recent increase in fake/spammy Tumblr accounts liking your posts or following you? I’ve seen a large influx of this in the past week or so. Starting to remind me of Twitter.

Extremely Easy Link Building Tip/Loophole for SEO on Tumblr

Quick refresher on a loophole in Tumblr to build backlinks very quickly to your Tumblelog. You’ll get indexed on Google almost immediately and start to see good search traffic and PageRank. Try it for yourself. Read the full post.

Tumblr Search Doesn’t Work, Tumblr Search Box is Broken

Can someone please tell me why the Tumblr search box doesn’t work at all, or on the Tumblelogs it does work on, it doesn’t work very well and shows different results on every search?

I’ve done a bunch of Google searches on this and can’t seem to find it being covered as much as it should be. The search bar at the top right of this page never returns any results. Is there a fix for this?

My installed click heat map shows that a lot of people are trying to search my Tumblr, but since the search doesn’t work, they’re coming up empty. I would say it’s just my theme, or my fault, but I’ve tried searching on a number of people’s Tumblrs to no avail. Help me out if you know something I don’t.

Update 5/8/2012: My Tumblr search now seems to work, although it’s not super accurate. It’s good enough for me, but I might eventually switch over to Swiftype in order to get more accurate search results served up, as well as an autocomplete in my site’s search bar.

Internet Vices.

Internet Vices.

Tumblr Makes Link Building for SEO Impossibly Easy

By now, most people understand that if you want your website to rank in Google, you need other websites to link to you. The best way to achieve this, of course, is to create compelling content so that others will do the link building work for you simply because they like your content. It’s no secret, however, that most people looking to optimize their site for search go out and do their own link building, whether it be white hat (in accordance with Google’s guidelines), or black hat (violating Google’s guidelines). The ethics of these differing strategies is another conversation altogether.

If you have a Tumblr, and you are looking to build links to it to increase your PageRank, Tumblr’s system of “likes” makes this very easy. Here are the steps to do so:

1) Log into your Tumblr account

2) Browse your dashboard or tags to find a post on someone else’s Tumblr relevant to the keywords you would like to optimize for

3) Click on the heart icon at the top right corner of the window. It should turn red:

4) Refresh the page. You should see a link back to your Tumblr in the “Notes” section at the bottom of the post. Example:

Notice that if you hover over the link, the title tag of the link is the same as the title of your Tumblr. Thus, you are going to want the title of your Tumblr to contain the keywords you would like to rank for. If we take a look at the source code, we can see that it is in fact a “followed” HTML link, which means Google will count it as positive link juice. You will also notice the title tag from the screenshot above:

Again, you can talk about the ethics of this strategy, but that’s a conversation for another time. Most other blogging platforms will “nofollow” their trackbacks (i.e. WordPress), and it’s probably just a matter of time till Tumblr does as well to prevent people exploiting their system using the method above. Also, if you “like” a post (such as this one), and then someone reblogs that post, your “like” backlink will also appear on the Tumblr of the person who reblogged it.  We will see if Tumblr ever stops this. In the meantime, go ahead and “like” or reblog this post to claim your free backlink!

UPDATE: It seems that Tumblr has added the “nofollow” tag to the back links created when a user likes a post.