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Venturocket Launches An AdWords-Inspired Jobs Marketplace To Kill The Resume

Very cool idea for job-seekers/employers.

As an alternative to resumes and applications, the service requires prospective employees to list their skills and proficiencies in those skills — by selecting them from a common pool of choices, removing the interference of duplications and picky search filters.

But here’s where Venturocket’s model sets it apart from the rest: Job seekers actually bid on the keywords that describe their level of expertise at a particular job or skill, so that you’re in very real terms, putting your money where your mouth is. Are you an expert developer? Well, then you might say that you’re worth $20, and prospective employers pay that price to speak with you, and you pay that price in return.

Venture capitalist Mark Suster talks about the types of startup companies and technologies he is excited about and investing in.

Highlights include: cloud computing, data as a service (Daas), new-age TV/media distribution, and more.

Getaround Peer-to-peer Car Sharing - The Airbnb of Car Renting

Last week, I wrote a post about, the Airbnb of bike rentals that provides a platform to rent a bike directly from another person rather than from a bike rental shop.

My first reaction to Spinlister was to ask myself why there wasn’t an identical service for cars rather than bikes. I chalked the lack of such a service up to the many complications of renting your car out such as insurance issues, car keys, etc., but it seems as if such a service is about to launch. A new startup, seems to have answers to these questions.

While it’s still in closed beta, they have some pretty interesting solutions to the aforementioned issues such as pre-screened drivers and vehicles, a “Getaround Carkit” that installs in vehicles and uses your smartphone to start the car instead of giving someone your car keys, and an iPhone app instead of paperwork to handle all the rental and payment.

This sure sounds like it takes the hassle out of sitting in the car rental place filling out a ton of paperwork. I’m excited to see this launch.

One Book Every Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist Should Own

"If you’re an entrepreneur or VC or will be working in this industry - buy this. read it. live it.

When I first started as a startup CEO in 1999 there were no guides on raising venture capital. There were no explanations for all of the confusing details outlined in a term sheet.

Drag along rights? Um, OK. That sounds fine to me. I barely understood it. I asked my lawyer for an explanation. He gave me the human explanation for what the term meant. It sounded logical enough, so I moved on to the next point. Only later did I learn how it could be used to screw me.”

Read Mark Suster’s full article

I’m just starting it. The Airbnb of bike rentals online, brought to you by my good buddy and fellow Trojan, Will Dennis. Online social bike renting from

ETA 1 month. The Airbnb of bike rentals online, brought to you by my good buddy and fellow Trojan, Will Dennis. Online social bike renting from


ETA 1 month.

Get on

I’m really excited about, a social DJ network where you can play songs with your friends (or strangers) in virtual “rooms”. It’s a simple concept but it’ll surprise you how much fun you can have on it. It’s currently invite only, but if you have any Facebook friends already using it then you can use it as well.

I’d suggest checking it out if you haven’t already, its tons of fun. Check out the screenshot below for an idea about how the interface works.

RadMatter - Showcase “talents” rather than “skills”


Remember Peter Thiel’s fellowship program that awards 20 people under 20 years old $100,000 each to shun college and pursue a startup idea? Well check out one of the first ideas to come out of this: RadMatter.

Its founder, Dale Stephens, explains that “RadMatter revolutionizes how we develop and demonstrate talent in the 21st century.” Think LinkedIn, but without all of the traditional factors you would use to evaluate a job candidate, like grades, college degrees, and traditional resumes.

RadMatter’s goal is to let people showcase their “talents” rather than their “skills.” I’m excited to see how they do this.

You can sign up to be notified of the launch here:

What to do When a Tech Giant Decides to Eat Your Lunch

"No private head nods are given to small startup companies to help them prepare. We’re in a market where 800-pound gorillas throw their weight around and the rest of the market races to react and survive."

YKombinator - Hilarious Random Tech Start-up Generator

YKombinator, a parody from the folks at the Fireplace team, will generate hilarious fake start-ups complete with a full description. The best part about it is that many of the fake ones don’t sound too implausible compared to the absurd premises of a lot of the random fledgling start-ups you hear about today.

This one was my favorite:


Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.
- Steve Jobs


Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.

- Steve Jobs