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The Google +1 button has changed. I’m not liking the new look. You can see it on the right side of this page and below.

6? Actually Less than 5 Degrees of Separation

Looks like we are separated by less than 6 degrees now.  Facebook’s data mining shows that we are actually only around 4.74 people away from every other person.

Pushing The Envelope, Not The Share Button


Step 1: Facebook does something.

Step 2: Everybody freaks the fuck out.

It’s been just over 5 years since Facebook first unveiled the News Feed. The song remains the same. 

This weekend’s Bitchmeme centered around Facebook’s new automatic or “frictionless” sharing. It already works with services like Spotify and Rdio and publications like The Washington Post and The Guardian. And it’s about to come to a lot more places. 

Depending which article you read, this is either: a) the end of sharing b) the end of Facebook c) the future. As always, most critics are leaning towards the former, more cynical options. 

Everyone should quit Facebook.


For real this time though


The reality is what it has always been. Facebook is pushing the envelope. Companies that push the envelope take a lot of shit. That doesn’t mean they’re always right — often times, they’re not. But it does show that they’re unafraid, unlike most companies out there.

Read More Google+ and Facebook Pages has a page on Google+ and Facebook now. Check it out and +1/like them! on Google+ on Facebook

Facebook is near an agreement that will settle a case with the Federal Trade Commission by making all of its privacy settings opt-in instead of opt-out, reports Julia Angwin and Shayndi Raice at the WSJ. That means that you will not share anything with anyone by default, unless you specifically choose to do so.

"Liking" a Facebook page vs "Liking" a URL on Facebook

I have a question that I am interested in hearing opinions on. When you add the Facebook “Like Button” to your website, you are able to tie it to your Facebook “fan page” on Facebook, or to the URL of the page that the “like button” resides on.

Which you guys think is more effective? Having someone click the “like” button which in turn turns them into a “fan” of your page, or having someone click the “like” button which in turn shares the URL of the page they are on to all their friends. Comment and vote below. Thanks.

Customer Social Networks: Social Marketing with Heroku

Facebook’s iPad App Is Finally Here. Yes, For Real This Time.

No, it’s not a rumor. It’s not a leak. And it’s not going to be pulled at the last minute because of backroom negotiations that may or may not actually be taking place.

Facebook’s iPad app is ready for everyone.

Yes, after months of delays, rumors, and even a leaked build that made its way into the hands of TechCrunch readers everywhere, Facebook is officially unveiling its iPad app, which has long been glaringly absent (so glaringly, in fact, that several third party developers have gotten millions of downloads for their own ‘Facebook for iPad’ apps).

I haven’t gotten to try the official app out myself just yet, but Facebook did give me a verbal walkthrough of its highlights, as well as the following screenshots. It looks good. It looks like Facebook. And it’s going to be the iPad’s most downloaded app of all time in, oh, about two days. You can download it right hereUpdate: Facebook’s site showcasing the app is live, but it looks like it’s still propagating through Apple’s servers.

the understatement: Google's Management Doesn't Use Google+


Management caring deeply about their company’s products and using them every day is almost always a prerequisite of making great products. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really does use Facebook all day. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo tweeted at least 30 times just yesterday. At the other extreme, I…

10 Facebook Timeline Designs That Will Blow You Away [PICS]

From Mashable:

Facebook’s new Timeline design gives users a large “cover photo” space at the top of the page. We think this revamp is a great opportunity to get creative with your profile presentation.

We recently asked the Mashable readership to share how they’ve played with the new design. Here are 10 examples of Facebook Timeline cover photo designs we think are particularly creative, and that offer a witty take on the new layout.