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Explaining FNAC: Feature, Not a Company

FNAC. I first heard the term from Chris Fralic at First Round Capital. Feature, not a company.

It has always stood out in my mind. Whether something is a feature or a company is clearly subjective. And sometimes features (say, Twitter) turn into companies.

For me it is a useful shorthand for a very clever set of product features that in my mind would be hard to remain a stand-alone business or themselves to generate enough revenue to justify the company’s existence. I sometimes use it as a mental shorthand for teams that really have given no thought to how they might make money some day.

At minute eight I spoke about group messaging companies as “features, not companies.” This was 20 seconds of a 10-minute interview yet the article title was, “Mark Suster: Group Texting Companies are Doomed.” Actually, I never said that. I never said anything like that. Here’s what I did say…

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Google Launches Their Answer to Facebook, Google+

Today, Google finally launched their answer to Facebook, which essentially turns Google into a huge social network. Among the changes, the navigation bar at the top will be black, and function like the Facebook notification bar, complete with red notification number. The Google+ friends lists will be referred to as Circles, and their emphasis here seems to be on privacy.

The Google+ layer will be integrated into every part of Google.

There also seems to be a big emphasis on video chatting and conferencing, which could have serious implications for Skype.

Check out Google+ here:

Read the full Mashable article, including the breakdown of all the features here:

Here’s their video:


(via 60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds [Infographic])