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"Liking" a Facebook page vs "Liking" a URL on Facebook

I have a question that I am interested in hearing opinions on. When you add the Facebook “Like Button” to your website, you are able to tie it to your Facebook “fan page” on Facebook, or to the URL of the page that the “like button” resides on.

Which you guys think is more effective? Having someone click the “like” button which in turn turns them into a “fan” of your page, or having someone click the “like” button which in turn shares the URL of the page they are on to all their friends. Comment and vote below. Thanks.

Dwolla Adds Support For LinkedIn, Allowing You To Send Money To Your Professional Contacts

Web and mobile payments platform Dwolla announced today that it now includes integration with LinkedIn’s API, allowing users to send and receive payments to their connections on LinkedIn’s social network. Previously, Dwolla had integrated with Facebook and Twitter to offer similar functionality. And just last week, Dwolla added Foursquare support, too, allowing Dwolla users to passively check-in to a location when making a purchase.

Dwolla, for those unaware, is a company attempting to disrupt how payment networks operate by creating a network that’s devoid of personal information. With the service, users can send and receive funds to and from other Dwolla users as well as with a select group of supported merchants. But most importantly, Dwolla’s distinction from other players in the payments space is its focus on cash, an under-represented market in electronic payments. Users fund Dwolla accounts with cash from their own bank account, and can then use the company’s Web-based platform or their mobile phone to perform the payments at rates that are often far less than on PayPal.

LinkedIn sequences the DNA of startup founders

LinkedIn sequences the DNA of startup founders - A LinkedIn Competitor with a Cool Angle, the of professional connections, seems like it will be a cool alternative to LinkedIn. You “endorse” people as well as connect with them, so you can get ranked for different skills.

Check mine out:

LinkedIn's Algorithm Taps Talent Graph, But Still Needs Human Touch

The title of the article says “but still needs human touch.” After reading the article, though, its amazing how much data LinkedIn already has in their “talent graph” to make the decision process for companies looking for talent much, much easier, without the need of a human touch. LinkedIn already has their own algorithm that functions like a Klout score for the job world.

LinkedIn Launches “Apply with LinkedIn” Button - Get the code here

Today LinkedIn launched their previously announced “Apply with LinkedIn” button that will allow people to apply to jobs on a company’s website by pressing a button that will submit their LinkedIn profile as their job application.  Here’s the full Mashable story.

A lot of the news articles on this button are leaving out the link to get the actual code to implement it on your site, so if you’re looking for the “Apply with LinkedIn” button code, here it is:

RadMatter - Showcase “talents” rather than “skills”


Remember Peter Thiel’s fellowship program that awards 20 people under 20 years old $100,000 each to shun college and pursue a startup idea? Well check out one of the first ideas to come out of this: RadMatter.

Its founder, Dale Stephens, explains that “RadMatter revolutionizes how we develop and demonstrate talent in the 21st century.” Think LinkedIn, but without all of the traditional factors you would use to evaluate a job candidate, like grades, college degrees, and traditional resumes.

RadMatter’s goal is to let people showcase their “talents” rather than their “skills.” I’m excited to see how they do this.

You can sign up to be notified of the launch here:

The Social Media Revolution 2011 - an awesome video.


(via 60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds [Infographic])