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Glad I have an iPhone

Glad I have an iPhone

Venturocket Launches An AdWords-Inspired Jobs Marketplace To Kill The Resume

Very cool idea for job-seekers/employers.

As an alternative to resumes and applications, the service requires prospective employees to list their skills and proficiencies in those skills — by selecting them from a common pool of choices, removing the interference of duplications and picky search filters.

But here’s where Venturocket’s model sets it apart from the rest: Job seekers actually bid on the keywords that describe their level of expertise at a particular job or skill, so that you’re in very real terms, putting your money where your mouth is. Are you an expert developer? Well, then you might say that you’re worth $20, and prospective employers pay that price to speak with you, and you pay that price in return.

LinkedIn's Algorithm Taps Talent Graph, But Still Needs Human Touch

The title of the article says “but still needs human touch.” After reading the article, though, its amazing how much data LinkedIn already has in their “talent graph” to make the decision process for companies looking for talent much, much easier, without the need of a human touch. LinkedIn already has their own algorithm that functions like a Klout score for the job world.