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The Social Network 2 - If Zuckerberg Deleted Facebook

Groupon Offers Daily Deal on its Own IPO

Groupon offers a daily deal on its own IPO. Funny satire on what will now be a much lower IPO price:

Apple: New iPhone Good

CUPERTINO, CA—During a highly anticipated media event held today at the Apple corporation’s world headquarters, CEO Tim Cook announced the new iPhone 4S is good and people should buy it. “It’s a good phone,” said Cook, walking out onto a stage and gesturing at a picture of the device projected on a large screen behind him. “It’s got e-mail, the Internet, and you can get apps on it. Everybody should get one. It’s good.” After standing in place for another four seconds without speaking, Cook walked off stage, at which point the houselights came up and all in attendance were asked to please file out of the auditorium.

Who named daddy long legs?

DC Earthquake Devastation

Thanks to all of you for your kind words of support, as we look to recover from the devastation of today’s quake!

The Entire Facebook Terms of Service in Bro Speak

The Facebook Terms of Service is a bitch to read. So we translated it into a more familiar vernacular (with a lot of swearing). You can also read it in parts. Everything from here on out is from Facebook. Kinda. Read.

Vampires have often found it advantageous to maintain a hidden presence in humanity’s most powerful institutions. In the 1600s, it was the Catholic church, and today, as you all know, it’s Google, Fox News.
- King Bill Compton, Vampire, HBO’s True Blood

Are you on Google+? Conversations about Google+. Hilarious and true.