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New Fixie Bike from Solé Bicycles - Sole Bike Review

Just picked out a new fixed gear bike from my friends over at Solé Bicycles and I’m stoked on it. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I highly recommend heading over to their website and flipping through the different fixie and single speed bikes they have for sale. I promise you that you will want to buy one as soon as you see them. The hard part will be deciding which one to get. I went with the Schmohawk, although it was a tough choice between the Schmohawk and the Ocean Front Walk (pictured below.) I haven’t seen too many Sole Bicycle reviews out there so I thought I’d write one.

The cool part about Solé bikes is that they can be switched between fixed gear and single-speed bikes whenever you want.

Ocean Front Walk Sole Bicycle

If you’re in the market for a new fixie bike then definitely check out Solé, which is based in Venice Beach, CA, but ships all over the world. The price, at $379, is much lower than any other fixies of this quality you will find on the market. I test rode a couple of their bicycles at the Solé Gallery grand opening last week and couldn’t believe how high-quality these bikes are, not to mention they are the coolest looking bikes around. They also had the Bag Raiders perform live, and they are one of my favorite artists. Here are some highlights from the night:

If you’re looking for a more unique looking bike, Solé does custom collaborations with local artists that can really make your bike stand out. Check out the Solé below from local Venice artist K-Fish:


I give the Solé Bicycle I reviewed 5 out of 5 stars

that will dennis guy: What I'm Building and Why


The What

It’s called Spinlister, and it is a peer-to-peer marketplace for bike rentals. Anyone who owns a bike can list it to earn cash or rent one and explore. For the technologically inclined, it’s the Airbnb for Bikes.

I’ve heard a lot of founders cringe at the thought of their business being called a “blank for blank” business, but I don’t mind it. The concept is clearly conveyed and the business model is validated all in one efficient analogy.  Techcrunch wrote a post on it a while back, specifically referencing the “Airbnb for ____” phenomenon, when I was already building Spinlister. Anyone who is worried the “blank for blank” analogy limits them being seen as innovative, is too worried about being seen as innovative.

With each new market comes a new set of challenges, and it takes innovative thinking to solve those new problems. If you are trying to build a business in a new market AND with a new business model, your challenges will be two fold. Entering in a new market is a challenge in itself and in my mind a worthy pursuit. 

The Why

1. Personal Experience. I’ve spent the last 2 summers in New York, and biking is by far my favorite way to commute and see the city. Each of these summers I’ve purchased a bike on Craigslist only to return it a few months later. I was in need of a short-term, affordable bike rental option without the hassle of buying and reselling. 

2. The time seems to be right. As I mentioned, the collaborative consumption/ peer-to-peer trend is heading in the right direction culturally and as a business model.

3. A global solution. Spinlister is much more scalable than current bike rental or bike share options. No land required, no city permits. It’s geography and infrastructure independent. 

4. I think it’s something the world will like.  

5. I just rented out my bike and it was a great experience. I posted my bike for rent on Craigslist as a homespun MVP and got several offers. One guy had a friend coming into town for the weekend and offered me money or a portrait of my bike. I took the portrait.

You can sign up for Spinlister at We’ll be cruising shortly.

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ETA 1 month. The Airbnb of bike rentals online, brought to you by my good buddy and fellow Trojan, Will Dennis. Online social bike renting from


ETA 1 month.