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Facebook is getting its own app store for all devices, all platforms, all prices

Facebook is launching a new App Center, “a place to find social web, desktop, and mobile apps” — and not just Facebook apps.

The App Center will bring Facebook users all the best in iOS apps, Android apps, web apps, mobile web apps, and even desktops apps “The goal is to solve the app discovery problem… based on what you and your firends enjoy,” a Facebook rep told VentureBeat in a phone chat today.

You won’t just find free apps here, either. Facebook is also introducing paid apps. The company stated it expects in-app purchases to be developers’ primary money-makers for the time being; however, making paid apps available through the Facebook platform is the beginning of a very interesting business opportunity, both for devs and for Facebook.

Project Spartan: Facebook’s Hush-Hush Plan To Take On Apple On Their Own Turf: iOS

A lot of initial shock value in this article, as it seems it will pit the two tech giants against each other. When you think about it though, most apps will go the way of HTML5 eventually anyway. Even last week, Microsoft announced that the next Windows developer platform will be based on HTML5.  It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to Facebook’s attempt to loosen their stranglehold on the App market.