Facebook’s Massive Kitchen Sink Update: Photo Tag Approvals And So Much More

Hell has frozen over, pigs have flown, and it’s now possible to approve photos you’ve been tagged in on Facebook before they show up in your profile.

Pause. Take a drink if you need to. If you hear fireworks in the streets this morning, you know why.

In what amounts to a kitchen-sink of fixes, tweaks, and new terminology, Facebook is rolling out a new update this week that’s setting out to ‘Make It Easier to Share with Who You Want’. In short, today’s release fixes many of the biggest annoyances (and privacy issues) that the site has had for years now. So let’s get to them.

It’s now possible to approve tags — including photo tags — before they show up in your profile.

This is the big one, and it’s a feature people have been asking for ever since Photos first launched. The feature is defaulted to ‘off’ for photos your friends have tagged you in (more on that in a second), but at least it’s there.

But why now? Facebook’s stated rationale for why they’re finally implementing this option has everything to do with another new feature: It’s now possible to tag people you aren’t friends with in photos.

Whatever the case, these are all good changes, and they make Facebook better. Note that while Facebook is announcing these features today, and will be educating users on the way they work through interactive prompts, they won’t start rolling out til Thursday.

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