Resistance Is Futile: Why Facebook Acquisitions Tend to Actually Work

A good PandoDaily article on why the Instagram acquisition is different than most Facebook acquisitions, and why it will be interesting to watch.

But implicit to this happy reality, that acquired hands make huge contributions to Facebook, is the sad reality that the acquired companies and projects also largely fall by the wayside. My sense is Facebook is usually pretty up front that this will happen.

And that’s why this acquisition of Instagram will be so interesting to watch. Because it wildly deviates from the playbook that has worked so well. Instagram disappearing and Kevin Systrom starting to work on new Facebook photos for mobile is just not an option, if Instagram is going to successfully meld into the Hacker borg. As we discussed yesterday, Instagram retaining its independence was as important to founder Kevin Systrom as the nosebleed price tag.

Can Instagram play a huge role in Facebook’s success without sacrificing the product so many people love?

I think it can.

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